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Paying your dues

Glen Acres homeowner dues are collected annually to pay for the preservation,maintenance & management of our neighborhood. Our dues are allocated towards landscaping services, playground maintenance,common area insurance, state registration,legal services,tax services,tree services & our residential trail system.The 2019 dues amount is $220.50. Starting in 2019 and for all future years going forward, our HOA Dues are Due January 1st  and are considered “late” if they are received after January 15th of each year.  A late fee of $10 and 12% interest is assessed on late homeowners, in accordance with our CC&Rs.  Dues cover each calendar year; for example 2018 dues are for Jan 1-Dec 31, 2018. Invoices will be emailed in October, if you do not receive your invoice by November please check your spam/junk folder and email the HOA Board immediately to confirm the email address on your HOA account.  Please be sure to keep your email address current with us, so we may contact you with important information in an efficient & timely manner.

Starting in 2018, all dues will be emailed from Quick-books to residents’ email addresses.  The Pay Review Link on your invoice will allow you to pay by a ACH Check payment with no fee.However,if you wish to make an Online Credit Card or PayPal payment, please contact the Board so we may activate this link on your invoice. ( there is a convenience fee of $10 for Online Credit Card & PayPal payments) We are sorry that Debit Cards are not accepted by this online system. However, you may mail us a check to our street address (see below) with no added fees or If you do not use personal checks, your bank can send us a check on your behalf by using your on line bill pay option. Please remember that online bill pay from your bank may take  additional time to process and get to us, so please find out specifics from your bank well in advance of the due date to avoid automatic late fees & charges for late payments. Thank you in advance for making your payment on time! The Glen Acres Board  / Glenacres1@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

Glen Acres Owners’ Association

PO BOX 1393

Snohomish, WA. 98291