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Paying your annual HOA dues

Glen Acres homeowner dues are collected annually to pay for the preservation & maintenance of our neighborhood. Our annual HOA dues are due by  January 1st  and considered delinquent as of  January 16th of each year.

Our annual dues are allocated towards monthly landscaping services, common area maintenance, common area liability insurance, our state registration, legal services, tax services, property taxes, forestry management & accounting services.  In accordance with our neighborhood CC&Rs, HOA dues received after January 15th will accrue late fees, interest and legal fees if not paid on time or in full by the due date.  If you are unable to make your payment on time, please reach out to us to set up a preapproved payment plan.

Our HOA dues collected in January, cover the calendar years annual expenses from January 1st-December 31st.   Our annual invoices are mailed and emailed out in November for the following years dues.  If you do not receive your invoice by December 1st, please check your junk folder and email the HOA Board.  Please keep your email address current on your account to receive important neighborhood information throughout the year.

Starting in 2018, our annual invoices will be emailed via QuickBooks.  The Pay & Review Link on your invoice will allow you to make an online payment by an ACH Check or Card Payment.  If you prefer to pay online, please contact the Board to activate this link on your invoice.  Please keep in mind,  convenience service fees are charged by QuickBooks for all online payments.  However, mailed check payments have no additional fees.

Thank you in advance for making your payment on time!

Glen Acres Owners’ Association

PO BOX 1393, Snohomish, WA.  98291