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Glen Acres Owners' Association

Welcome to Evergreen Estates

Evergreen Estates-The Glen Acres Owners’ Association is a residential community consisting of 191 single-family homes offering neighborhood parks, playgrounds, forested walking trails, two sports courts and within walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores and several local businesses.  Evergreen Estates is located in beautiful Lake Stevens, Washington.

Welcome New Association Members!  On behalf of the Glen Acres Owners’ Association, we would like to welcome you to the neighborhood!  Please download a full copy of our active neighborhood ordinances titled:  CC&R’s.  These legal governing documents provide guidance in our responsibilities as Association Members. Association membership is both mandatory and automatic upon the closing of your home.  If you have questions, we are here to help!  The Association Board may be reached at glenacres1@hotmail.com.  FAQ’s are covered under Article 4 of our CC&R’s.  Enjoy your new home and we look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!

HOA Meetings   Come join us for our Zoom meetings!  Our meetings cover; neighborhood news, completed & forecasted projects, and what the Association Board is currently working on.  Please email your request to attend, no later than 7 days prior to the meeting date.  2022 HOA Meeting Schedule   Wednesday, January 5th, 7pm-Annual Meeting.  Association Board Positions   If you would like to become more involve in your neighborhood, volunteer as a Board Member!  Contact us today for more details.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Annual HOA Dues & Annual Meeting   Dues are due by January 1st of each year and considered delinquent as of January 16th.  Annual meeting invitations & Annual invoices are sent out in November, for the following years dues.  Please keep your email address current on your HOA account, to ensure delivery of important neighborhood news.  The January 2022 dues are $255.25.

Neighborhood News   July 2021, Certified Arborist completed forestry assessment–August 2021, New Fencing installed around both Sport Courts–November 2021, Five Retention Ponds Scheduled for Maintenance–November 8th, 2021, Annual 2022 HOA Dues Invoices & Annual Meeting Notice delivered to all association members by Email and Mail–April 2019, Playgrounds closed until the required funds are raised for restoration.  1st Place Tot-Lot is currently open-adult supervision is recommended at all common areas.

Forestry Awareness-Common Areas   Please do your due diligence and continuously assess the trees around your home.  If you see anything that seems unhealthy or unsafe, please email us immediately for a professional tree assessment.

Street Parking Restrictions   No Parking on our neighborhood streets after Dusk, No Parking anytime in any Cul-de-sac or No Parking on the sidewalks.  Let us all work together to keep our streets safe and clear for our neighbors and emergency vehicles to navigate our streets safely.  Fines start to accrue at $300.00 for non-compliance, per vehicle and subject to our Towing Enforcement Policy.  If you see a parking violation, please email us immediately.  The reporting of violations or complaints are anonymous.  Any street parking is at your own risk.

Prohibited Vehicles-Anytime   No Oversized Vehicles or Trucks, Any Trailer, Camper / RV’s, Boat or Motorcycle, on our streets or lots any time.  Please find alternative parking for these vehicles off-site.  Let us all work together to keep our streets safe and clear for our neighbors and emergency vehicles to navigate our streets safely.  Fines start to accrue at $300.00 for non-compliance, per vehicle and subject to our Towing Enforcement Policy.  If you see a parking violation, please email us immediately. The reporting of violations or complaints are anonymous.

Guest Parking   The occasional guest may park their passenger vehicle in the turn-out areas of our streets, for up to 72 hours.  Association Members are responsible for their guests, and they must adhere to our parking restrictions and, neighborhood CC&R’s.  All Street Parking is at your own risk and subject to our Towing Enforcement Policy.  

Exterior Changes / Revisions-Home or Lot   All proposed exterior changes/revisions must be submitted to the association board 20 days prior to start of any work, for Board review and approval.  This includes but not limited to; painting, roofing, fencing, sheds, any structures, landscaping removal or additions, patios, retaining walls and/or air-conditioner unit placement.  Additionally, consult with the City of Lake Stevens, before start of any work, to confirm if approval of plans and/or permits are required.

Garbage, Yard and Recycle Containers Storage   Containers must be removed from curb and stored away from street view, by the end of collection day.

Reporting Common Area Repairs and/or Violations & Complaints   If you see something, say something! Please report needed repairs and neighborhood violations/complaints immediately to:  glenacres1@hotmail.com. Thank you in advance, for your help in keeping our neighborhood a safe and beautiful place for all who live here!

Forested and Common Areas    No Camping, Campfires, Smoking or Dumping in our Common Areas.  Please stay on designated pathways, do not alter, or remove any foliage or disturb any creek or pond.  Many of our forested areas are Federally Protected-NGPA.  Please report violations to the appropriate authorities such as:  The City of Lake Stevens-Code Enforcement Department, The Association Board, 9-1-1 for the Fire Department-fire related concerns or Law Enforcement for emergency services.

Sidewalks, Streets, Snow Response and/or Flooding Concerns   If you see a fallen stop sign, a tree blocking and/or flooding of a public roadway, sidewalk or street repair or a downed streetlight, please call the City of Lake Stevens-Public Works Department at:  425-377-3231 or call 9-1-1 for immediate or after hours assistance.

City of Lake Stevens Code Enforcement   Please report city code violations to the city code enforcement department at:  425-622-9400 or fill-out the online form. Emergencies call 9-1-1.

Playground progress update May 31st 2019

Effective Immediately all playgrounds closed

Important Neighborhood Notices